• Gaming Business Trends

    Gaming has been booming recently more than ever. The global value of Gaming has been estimated at $160 Billion per year.

    And it is expected to be rise up to $295 Billion by 2026.
    Game developers are also highest paid developer of current time.
  • Smartphone Gaming Business

    Smartphone game has seen one of the significant growth on these years compare to console gaming.

    With over 200 Million mobile game players from United States only has been the highest peak of all time.

    In these days gaming companies are creating games focusing on mobile.

    Those companies who used to make PC or Playstation or xBox games are also now focused to make their games of mobile version.


    Cloud Gaming

    Cloud gaming is one of the popular gaming trends by now. Since, internet is almost available to every country. Cloud gaming has becoming the first choice of game making companies.

    According to Ericsson, the number of 5G mobile subscriptions in the Asia-pacific region is expected to reach around 1,545 million by 2025

    The huge market share has been captured by Tencent gaming in Asia region with their best selling game Pub-G.


    Asia-Pacific is expected to Hold the Largest Market Share

    Asia is the world largest mobile game market compare to any other region.

    China, Japan, Korea, India, Philippines and Indonesia are the first choice of game making companies in Asia.

    And most of the players are from this region.

  • Japan

    Japan has more than 70 million active game players each month. And from various sources it is also found that Japan market is about JPY 1.55 trillion which is expected to be increase a lot more.

    In Japan, Nintendo Switch has been sold for more than 11 Million units, followed by PS4 which sold for 8 Million units.

    South Korea

    South Korean gaming industry is booming rapidly more than ever. Many companies are hunting their eye over Korean gaming industry since the player of this nation has high spending capacity and they do spent a lot of money on gaming.

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